myneats presents:

Neat - your Zero Waste companion to go

Avoiding plastic is a real challenge in everyday commuting. Especially if you get hungry on the way or spontaneously go out for a drink. Bread bags or disposable cutlery are usually unavoidable. With the help of Neat this will no longer be a problem! Because here you get a straw, spork and bread bag in a practical cork bag for on-the-go.

Neat is the small Zero Waste Survival Kit for all environmentally conscious commuters and frequent travelers.

Redaktiongeht ohne e.V. | Kein Plastik, kein Problem

You protect the environment

Neat is produced plastic-free and vegan. You produce less CO2 than with conventional To go cutlery.

You are well equipped

With your Neat you have everything you need for your commuter everyday life

What's in the Neat?

  • 1x cork bag with cotton lining, with key ring 11,5 x 8cm
  • 1x Bamboo Spork (spoon/fork combination)
  • 1x cotton cover for the Spork
  • 1x stainless steel straw
  • 1x telescopic brush with hemp bristles
  • 1x cotton bag in the size 24 x 20cm

We plant

1x Tree

for every Neat sold!

  • Neat single


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  • Neat double


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Great idea and project. Wish you vıel success!


Great project I wish you good luck


I just want to make the world a little better.

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myneats FAQ

What is Myneats about?

Many people already know how harmful disposable cutlery and plastic bags are to the environment. However, in the stressful everyday commuting life it becomes difficult to avoid garbage. Especially when spontaneous hunger comes along. But not for long! Because with your help there will soon be Neat.

Neat is the small survival kit for all environmentally conscious commuters and frequent travelers. In a tiny cork bag you will find a metal telescopic straw with a hemp fibre telescopic cleaning brush, a bamboo spork (i.e. spoon and fork in one) in an organic cotton cover and an organic cotton bag. Unlike conventional cutlery sets to go, neat can be attached to the key ring and is therefore suitable for everyone.

The spork can be cleaned with soap and water. The straw can be cleaned under running water with the brush or in the dishwasher. The cotton bags can be washed at 30°.

What are the goals and who is the target group?

With the help of Neat, you are well prepared for spontaneous hunger and can fight the waste of resources. Environmentally harmful disposable plastic products are replaced by sustainable alternatives.

Neat not only fights against the unreflective use of plastic, but also promotes the conservation of resources. Because bread bags and straws made of paper cannot be a long-term alternative for our planet. The trees that we cut down to produce disposable tableware are missing in the environment as natural CO2-binders. For this very reason, buying a Neat automatically supports the reforestation of the earth. Because for every neat sold, one tree is planted in Mexico in cooperation with Plant for the planet.

Neat is suitable for everyone who wants to avoid disposable waste on the road and in everyday life:

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Why do I need a Neat?

Neat offers you and your environment many advantages:

1. you simplify your waste-free everyday life: do without your favourite cocktail? No baked potato while strolling around the Christmas market because there are only plastic forks? Left your bag at home again and that’s why there are now no handfuls of cherries from the fruit stand in the city? With Neat, all that is a thing of the past.

2. you save important resources: plastic is made from crude oil with a high energy input. Even more environmentally friendly alternatives like paper straws consume water, energy and vital resources. This does not have to be!

3. you protect the environment: Neat is produced plastic-free and vegan. You produce less CO2 than with conventional To go cutlery.

4. you plant trees: Neat not only solves your problem, but helps the earth to bind CO2 with planted trees.

5. you are a role model: Everyone who sees you with your smart neat wants to know what it is and why you do it. So you become an environmental influencer and help to save the planet!

You can also use Neat as a wallet. A few coins and your ID card will fit in easily.